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Centre International de Conférences Genève (CICG)

Multi-branch project completed in 2018, including 74 screens for reception, signage and conference room reservations. The screens are located in several buildings (CICG, CCV, MIE). The screens are managed by the employees in charge of reception as well as by those responsible for communication. Development of a custom module for centralized management of events and sessions, allowing automated display on screens. Read more...

Grand Théâtre de Genève (GTG)

Grand Théâtre de Genève selected our Digital Signage solution, MyCast, in order to solve, in particular, its problem of seeing what is happening on the stage in real time from the offices. Whether during rehearsals or shows, a live stream is uploaded in real time to around fifty screens spread over the administrative part of the GTG and other strategic locations (dressing rooms, reception, etc.). Grand Théâtre also takes advantage of this network of screens to broadcast other information such as schedules and news created by their own in the form of RSS feeds.

Fédération des Entreprises Romandes (FER)

60 screens intended for the reception desk, signage and conference room reservations. The screens are located in several buildings and managed by general service staff as well as by office's manager (according to their rights).

Transports Publics Genevois (TPG)

26 screens intended for internal communication and communication to visitors. The screens are divided into groups in various geographical locations and managed by employees from different departments according to their rights. Development of templates for the real-time display of data retrieved from the TPG Information system.


Bobst uses different types of screens to animate the visitor reception area. Other screens are installed to present the history of the company from its foundation to the present day or to inform about daily menus at the entrance of the restaurant.

Fondation Genève Tourisme et Congrès

The reception of "Fondation Genève Tourisme et Congrès" uses screens (standard and touch-screens) to inform visitors of current shows, possible excursions, products on sale and also to manage the waiting line with a system of ticketing.

Ecole le-Sapay

"Le Sapay" school uses screens to optimize its signage. The screens are used to direct people inside the swimming pool and to inform them about the occupancy of the changing rooms. It is also an opportunity for the school to be able to provide information on current or future events and on the current affairs at the school.

Commune de Plan-les-Ouates

Cherpines municipal stadium uses screens located inside the locker rooms but also outside to inform about the allocation of locker rooms to referees and players, to indicate the opening of the fields and to broadcast the schedule of the games.


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